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  • In the past 71 years, there is much we can be proud of but equally be disturbed about. What we need is a radical new agenda to fast-track growth for India@75.
Feb 08, 2021
Next issue out on Feb 15, 2021
Feb 08, 2021
Next issue out on Feb 15, 2021

Farmers Protests: Time For A Climbdown?

The violent incidents on Republic Day have cost the farmers' movement credibility-and leverage in negotiations with the government.

I read about current affairs and what's happening with music around the world: Rapper Divine

Hip-hop star DIVINE, who recently topped the Apple Music charts with his second album Punya Paap, talks about his sources of inspiration and his favourite film.

From The Editor-in-Chief

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about the magazine's latest and the special issue 'The New Republic' which looks at the challenges ahead including infrastructure, energy, defence, health, water, labour, environment, law and justice, women's welfare and others in country in the next five years.

Silenced Minority?

Political marginalisation has compounded the socio-economic disadvantages and chronic discrimination that stifle India's Muslims.

On India's Economy: For A Fightback

As India turns the page on an economically challenging year, the recovery and reform measures implemented now will prove crucial.

On India's Judiciary: Bogged By A Backlog

Budget and infrastructure restraints have bred inefficiency in the Indian judicial system.

On India's Healthcare System: The Stress Factor

India faced the Covid pandemic crisis admirably but with one of the world's lowest health budgets, high costs and poor access, challenges remain.

On Climate Change: Pre-empting Zero Dark Zero

Climate change is set to become the greatest threat to India's future unless we can get our act together.

On Electrification in India: Let There Be Light

India has achieved near-complete electrification, but there remains a pressing need to revise the country's national tariff policy to make the power sector more efficient and competitive.

On India's Education System: A New Learning Curve

Digital learning will be the game changer even as the new education policy holds promise of a knowledge revolution.

On Defence: Fighting To Win

The armed forces face the gigantic security challenge of modernising the military machine with the enemy at the gates.

On India's Aviation Sector: Reaching For The Sky

India has done well in terms of passenger traffic and connectivity. Now it has to focus on upgrading services.

On Women's Welfare: Waiting To Take Wing

Giving women their due must begin with changing perceptions and creating a level playing field.

On India's Employment Crisis: Waiting For Work

The pandemic caused an unprecedented employment crisis. The government must boost job creation.

On India's Manufacturing Sector: Make, or Break

Manufacturing can be a powerful growth engine. In India, compliances, policy uncertainty and low innovation have the sector stuck in low gear.

On India's Railways: Express Delivery

The railways hope private participation will help it tackle some of its woes

On India's Renewable Energy: Riding on Sunshine

India has improved solar capacity and use. It is now well on its way to making the switch to non-fossil fuels.

On India's Infrastructure: Highway To Prosperity

Infrastructure will play a crucial role in the post-pandemic economy

On Scheduled Caste Welfare: Battle Half Won

Despite progress, SCs are yet to achieve total empowerment.

On Scheduled Tribes: Crisis Of Identity

STs are struggling to keep pace with modern economic life.

On Rural Development: A New Vision For The Village

Whether it's infrastructure, jobs or skilling, rural india needs a paradigm shift in policy and approach.

On Science and Technology: Unflexed Muscle

With India's innate scientific prowess, increased R&D Spending could reap great rewards down the line.

On the Service Sector: Regaining The Momentum

The services sector has seen steady growth since the '50s, though it was badly hit by the pandemic.

Indian Shipping Industry: Slow Sailing

The Sagarmala Initiative and the push to use Inland waterways will determine the course For Indian shipping.

On India's Trade: Need More Wind In The Sails

What ails our exports? Infra bottlenecks, inability of firms to exploit scale, higher import tariffs that stymie margins on finished goods, the list is endless.

On Urban Development: Building Cities of Joy

Our cities will be the drivers of future growth, but only sound policy and big funding can gear them up for the role.

Changing The Game

While India's obsession with cricket has by no means diminished, doors are slowly opening up in the country for other sports too.

Not Just A Pipe Dream

The government goes into mission mode to ensure clean and safe drinking water for all its citizens.

A Connected Country

The telecom revolution has transformed forever India's socioeconomic landscape.

On the Agricultural Sector: Sowing Seeds of Growth

The farmers' protests disguise a deeper problem. Reforms are essential for the sector to prosper.